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150iH Integraline Top Drive

TD Equipment's 150iH IntegraLine Top Drive: In a class by itself

The money-saving TD Equipment 150iH IntegraLine Top Drive is the smallest, most advanced Top Drive ever designed specifically to fit into standard double rigs. The 150iH provides topnotch drilling performance. It's the many features built into the 150iH that establish TD Equipment as the new top name in Top Drives for double rigs. Here a few of the features that may interest your company:

150iH comes as an integrated unit, complete with block, and hook built right into the top drive. With all of these components in place, 150iH stands about 14' high, far shorter than its nearest competitor.

Rated at 150-ton (147,100 daN) static hook load, with 475 nominal HP, The IntegraLine is designed to improve the efficiency of any double rig. Its unique new design permits extremely fast rig-up on double rigs, extended singles, and work-over rigs.

Even with the block hook and elevator bails, 150iH weighs only 13,800 lbs. and stands 13'6" from top of block to bottom of grabber. Nothing else available today is close to these specs: electric top drives often weigh almost 4 tons more - without blocks, and the most popular current competitor in hydraulic top drive weighs far more and is 1/3 longer than the 150iH!

150iH's compact design, integrating proven industry-standard components, offers ease of installation and operation, along with the bonus of enhanced reliability.

150iH is available in 2 power configurations: a flexible, independent power unit with its own power skid and control system, optimized for adaptability to different rigs; and a unit integrated with the draw works, eliminating all purchase, operating, and maintenance expenses for a second engine. There is no reason that drilling efficiencies should require additional capital outlays.

Light, compact, customizable, cost-efficient, versatile in the field, and available for double rigs, too.

Contact our representative, if you have any questions regarding top drives or the TD Equipment product line.



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