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150iH IntegraLine
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150iH Integraline Features

Control System for the 150iH

150iH's electric control system installs easily, right at the driller's console, and meets every code requirement. Controls can be custom-configured to meet your project specifications, either as stand-alone or as part of the driller's console.

Brake System

The IntegraLine Top Drive has an integral brake system. This allows the operator to freeze the pipe in a fixed angular position determined by the operator. The angular position determines the direction that horizontal drilling will take.

Block Configurations for 150iH

The IntegraLine 150iH Top Drive comes equipped with your choice of running block. For rigs that support them, we recommend the split block configuration. This allows ready access to the gooseneck for wire line and down hole instrumentation. For retrofit to older rigs, TD Equipment is able to supply a straight or cross running block. We can vary any setup according to the field requirements you face.

Field Conversion

Because most Top Drive conversions take place in the field, 150iH is designed to make field conversion safe, fast, and as simple as possible.

Mast Modification-Free

150iH uses a torque tube that connects at the crown and is suspended from it, transferring the torque load to the derrick base. When you install 150iH, your mast can remain unchanged.

Hydraulic Power

150iH is available with an independent power system installed on its own skid. This feature allows for increased rig capacity, and improved flexibility, without taxing existing rig power systems. 150iH's power system is fully engineered for reliability anywhere, even in the most hostile drilling environments from the high Arctic to Southern deserts. Its hydraulic power system is state-of-the-art and can be driven electrically or diesel powered.

If you prefer, 150iH can be integrated into the draw works drive, saving the cost of the skid-mounted power unit. Discuss your specific needs with TD Equipment's engineers. They will modify 150iH, provide accessories to meet your operating requirements, and upgrade the configuration as your needs change.

Contact our representative, if you have any questions regarding top drives or the TD Equipment product line.



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