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Rig Integration

The TD Equipment 150iH Integraline Top Drive can be integrated into a rig at time of manufacture. There are a number of savings available to a rig manufacturer when integrating the top drive into the rig. There are three areas where savings can be achieved: integrated controls, integrated power, and integrated Top Drive.

Control System

The control system for the 150iH Integraline Top Drive is fully computerized, using Allen Bradley SLC 500 PLC’s and an Allen Bradley 6180 industrial computer with touch screen. The power unit PLC and the touch screen computer have excess control capacity that can be used for other rig functions. Both units can be easily expanded beyond their current capacity. By integrating rig controls into the touch screen computer all control functions can be run from a single control point. The control system also includes the ability to download detailed equipment monitoring information to a laptop. This information can be used to monitor equipment wear and to assist in a maintenance program, extending the life of the equipment and reducing unscheduled down time.

The control system can provide a real time torque and RPM feed to Pason or other rig management system.

Power Unit

A rig already has a power unit to drive the draw works. In most operating environments the peak loading on the draw works and the peak loading on the Top Drive do not occur at the same time. A rig can take advantage of this and integrate the draw works power and the top drive power into a single unit. A single engine can supply power to the draw works and the top drive hydraulic pumps. Our filtration module can be mounted in close proximity to the draw works. The net result is that you can save a load when moving the rig.

Our engineering department will be pleased to help you review your power requirements.

Top Drive

TD Equipment can license our patent pending torque tube modifications that allow you to leave the torque tube and the top drive in the mast during rig moves. This greatly speeds up rig-up and rig down. It also totally eliminates truckloads related to the top drive when combined with the integrated power unit.

Contact our representative, if you have any questions regarding top drives or the TD Equipment product line.




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