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Details of IntegraLine 150iH Top Drive

TD Equipment announces details of its latest product, the IntegraLine 150iH Top Drive. The Top Drive has been developed by Allan R. Nelson Engineering, a wholly-owned Estec subsidiary, and this new drilling rig component will be produced by TD Equipment, Inc. at its special construction site just opened in West Edmonton. Components suppliers have been engaged, and should sales demand expansion, TD Equipment has contingency plans.

Top Drives increase drilling rig production and efficiency, transferring much equipment to a stable position atop the rig. The 150iH is specially designed for fast installation and easy use atop the popular gasfield double rigs, although it is adaptable to other types of gas and oil rigs. Priced well below the industry's best-sellers, and more compact for its features than almost any other unit, the TD Equipment Top Drive has already attracted the interest of leading drilling contractors in Canada and the United States. It is now available for sale.

The IntegraLine 150iH has been designed to meet the needs of a market with hundreds of double or similar drilling rigs. Each IntegraLine Top Drive is a bargain in today's drilling market, and the basic design is a simple, integrated one that can be customized at minimum cost to meet every contractor's need.

Technical History of Top Drives:
As a result of major changes in downhole technology in the past 15 years, there has been a requirement for changes in drilling to meet the needs of the newest downhole technology, and the industry has developed a wide range of top drives for larger drilling rigs, most notably by Canrig Drilling Technology Ltd., Varco Canada Limited, and Tesco Drilling Technology.

One trend has been to electric drives in larger rigs, and all three companies have developed high quality equipment lines. However, the double drilling land rigs utilized throughout the world for shallower drilling are mechanical rigs, with shorter derricks, and not best served by large capacity electric and hydraulic top drives. The TD Equipment 150iH IntegraLine Top Drive is designed for double mechanical rigs. It delivers all the advantages of top drive drilling previously restricted to larger rigs. The complete top drive is the same length or shorter than the hook block and swivel used in double rigs. The IntegraLine Top Drive, produced at TD Equipment's new shop in West Edmonton, in alliance with Argus Machinery, is adaptable to the majority of double rigs drilling in Western Canada, United States, and the world.

Another trend in the drilling industry is to build an extended single, a rig with the capacity of a double, but with a pipe-handling system. This enables drilling without racking the pipe in the derrick, and using a longer joint of pipe with fewer connections. The Top Drive is adaptable for this application, too. Allan R. Nelson, founder of Allan R. Nelson Engineering says, "In Canada alone, there are approximately 200 double rigs operating with the potential to utilize the TD Equipment IntegraLine Top Drive requirements".

In the weeks to come, TD Equipment will announce further results of testing and marketing with the IntegraLine Top Drive.

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