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TD Equipment is a company that is constantly seeking to contribute innovations that increase efficiency of production and growth of returns to companies engaged in the oilpatch.

What is the chief advantage of the IntegraLine 150iH Top Drive?

Our double rig clients can install the slimmer, lighter, more efficient IntegraLine 150iH and still lift a double string of drill pipe. Conventional designs for top drives cannot. A standard top drive forces the driller to limit pipe lifts to a single length of drill pipe, a significant productivity penalty. This gives TD Equipment a significant advantage over other top drives manufacturers currently in the world market.

Can IntegraLine meet all my requirements?

IntegraLine 150iH can be customized in a variety of ways. Call us and find out how easily 150iH will fit your drilling plans and meet or exceed your requirements. Call us and we will help you discover just how well IntegraLine 150iH can fill your needs.

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